Raise the MTProxy Proxy for Telegram

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The alpha and beta Telegram client versions for Windows / Linux / MacOS, as well as Android and iOS appeared proxy support for Telegram, working on a protocol MTProto (of course, SOCKS5 proxy support remained)


What is MTProto proxy and how it differs from Socks5?

MTProto proxy – it is essentially a client Telegram, which runs on a remote server. I.e, All functions such as sending / receiving messages are performed on it, and then transferred to your application on your smartphone or PC. but, the intricacies of the work MTProxy I did not mess about, perhaps, then it'll.

But Socks5 runs on TCP / IP level, ie connection type Socket is done through a remote server (Dante, 3proxy, squid).

In MTProxy have one huge advantage: supposed some, the owners of these servers will be able to demonstrate forcefully the, who use their proxy server, your channel (or sponsored opponent channel). Excellent opportunity for those, who want to promote your channel Telegram and then recoup the costs of the server, earning on advertising, eg. Also, it is the engine of progress — because now there really is a purpose for, to pick up your proxy server and just give it to all who wish to use.

And So, yet it has the ability to easily set your MTProto proxy server, working on PHP. I have described in the instructions on READ.me GitHub. The entire installation is described there, but here I will only give some information.

If you want to install the official version of the proxy, then see here (Eng.)

important points, installation requirements, etc.

  • Required skills: Experienced user of linux / Advanced Windows user
  • Soft: any linux, any Windows. PHP-cli: 7.0 and higher (on PHP5.6 or lower have not tested). Expansion: xml (judgment), curl
  • Iron: VDS / VPS with LYUBO side (which is not blocked Telegram) With root access via SSH
  • Address to listen can be changed, if you open the file in Notepad mtproxyd (default: – to listen on all interfaces)
  • How to set / adjust the channel, which will be shown to users, I still do not know

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