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Chips exclusives on PS4: Кукла из Little Big Planet в Ордене 1488

I've never been a fan of consoles, of course, not counting the time, When a normal PC I did not have, but it was a favorite PS One, and bought the game in the subway for 100 rubles. Basically, I still am not … Continue reading

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I hung this thing in the tray for a long time, remember, she did not want to appear once, so I forced her appearance manually. Now here I decided just to boost her disappearance. I will not write a bunch of instructions, as well as that, … Continue reading

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If a black cat will pass the road

In general, there is a sign, what, if a black cat crossed the road you, then all – wait for the collapse of the mountain of trouble and bad luck in a short time. I AM – not a superstitious person and I do not believe in all these traditions grannies, но однаждыContinue reading

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